Moral Dimmer 2.1


Moral Dimmer 2.1
Bluetooth Mesh rotary dimmer switch



Switching and dimming function via ROOME app

Smart CCT control with MORAL serious product

WOMO smart control with Moral serious product

Voice control function via E-Bridge connection

Memory Switching and dimming function

Dimming method: Trailing edge phase control

Short-circuit protection

Overload protection

Over current protection

Over temperature protection

Complies with Australian and New Zealand standard : AS/NZS 60669-2-1

Technical data

Model : MORAL Dimmer 2.1

Input Voltage : AC 220-240V 50Hz

Connected Load : Min load*: 10VA(10W) Max load : 300VA (1-10LEDS,200W)

Manual Control : Rotary

Operation Life : 40000 times

Connection : 2 wire connection

Size : L24 × W24 × H52mm

Wireless mode : Bluetooth mesh

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