WOMO SYSTERN features smart dimmer switches, lights, ceiling fans, bathroom heaters, which can be controlled from the ROOME App on your smart device and voice controllable. Devices connect only when needed, using Bluetooth Low Energy. All functions can still be used in the traditional way via switches on the wall. These simple innovative products provide a level of convenience to enhance your life.


The WOMO system is DIY system which let WOMO products, WOMO App and our cloud communicate with each other via radio and cable together. You can control a range of functions and set schedules around your home using Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone or tablet to make life easier.

WOMO system function


With WOMO system, you’ll not have to worry about forgetting to turn off light switches or other devices. Program schedules using the ROOME app. You can even automati-cally adjust to sunrise and sunset times.


ROOME WORD serious product and MORAL dimmer switches have ControlLink, so that lights can be switched and dimmed from multiple locations. Perfect for bedrooms, staircases, hallways and open plan living areas.


Easily program ‘whole home’ lighting scenes, such as ‘Welcome home’ (some outdoor and indoor lights on) or ‘Goodnight’ (most lights off or dimmed to help settle the household to bed).


With WOMO system you can remote control your device via ROOME app anywhere in the world with Internet, Also you can remote control your Blue tooth-enabled smart phone or tablet without Internet.


Just say the word, give simple voice commands to Google Assistant or Alexa and you can manage your lights and appliances without lifting a finger.


Stand and dimmer switch

Independent working smart dimmer

Wall dimmer function

Wireless dimmer function

Dimmer fits to stand and switch plaes

Smart wireless lighting product

Smart wiring lighting product

Whole smart system

Internet Gateway

Smart speakers function

Saving time and reducing
workload for electrician

Our WOMO system is the latest generation of Smart Home Automation products which have an easy-to-use device that can be directly wired or wirelessly connect and control all the dimmers, switches, lights, ceiling fans and electrical items in your home. ROOME uses new patented Wi-Multi technology(wireless multiway control) that enables lighting controls to use standard wiring or wireless link. Electricians do not need special installation or any special wiring. It reduces cable materials and electricians spend less time and workload when connecting with ROOME Moral and Word series switches and lights via Bluetooth radio. It allows dimming and switching of connected lighting loads from multiple locations with and without wiring.

Affordable smart home
automationsystem for
home owners

Home automation products have been around for about 2 decades now, but have remained restricted to expensive and fancy homes. WOMO provides an easy home security solution. The best thing about the WOMO SYSTEM is that it is able to be added for upgrades and is a totally customizable solution. It also helps automate and simplify your busy lifestyle

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