WORD Smoke Alarm 2.1


WORD Smoke Alarm 2.1
Bluetooth Mesh Smoke Alarm



Compliance with AS3786,EN14604

Compact size, outline size is Ø120*40mm

Easy to install and operate

Power with both of AC mains and battery

10 long-life battery

Digital technology, LESS false alarm

Up to 48 Pcs interconnection in a network

Perfect compatible with existing AC smoke alarm

Insect-proof nest to prevent insects entering the sensor

Technical data

Model : WORD Smoke Alarm 2.1

Power : AC 200-240V 50/60Hz 3VDC lithium battery CR123A

Operate current : AC Max 0.05A DC <5uA (Standby) <50mA (Alarm)

Sound level : >85dBat 3 meters

Sound pattern : ISO8201

Smoke sensitivity : 0.11-0.17dB/m

Directional depending : <1.5

Silence time : 8~15 min

Size : Φ120*40mm

Wireless mode : Bluetooth mesh

Intended use

The designated light/lamp will turn on while there is fire condition by smoke alarm detecting.This will very helpful for the emergency escaping on the night. It will provide people extra ten of second to escape under a fire condition.

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